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The Brain Boss Philosophy

What makes Brain Boss different from other supplements claiming increased mental performance?

With Brain Boss, we decided to take a different approach from other nootropic (cognitive enhancing) and energy supplements out there. Most supplements stack all kinds of synthetic stimulants and foreign ingredients (vinpocetine and huperzine A to name a few) without any regard for the long-term effects and dangers. Instead of going this route, we looked at the biggest contributors leading to declined mental performance and brain health. We found that a lack of key nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals in our daily diet was a big part of the issue. It makes sense since we all have busy lives and getting all the necessary nutrients in the foods we eat isn’t always easy to monitor.

As a result, we sought out the healthiest and most effective nutrients and ingredients to counter these issues. This is the reason why Brain Boss is infused with vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients that can be found in food sources such as beans, rice, milk and cheese. Brain Boss was developed from the core belief that nutrients play a vital role in our cognitive performance and overall health. Order today and see for yourself!